Weep, Little Lion Lass

What I hate in others says a lot about what I hate in myself.
The verses of Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons have been going through my head all day in relation to a person I know.  I have even been scripting imaginary conversations with them, just in case I ever had the chance to talk with them frankly.  In my mind’s eye I was walking with them in a park, telling them about how I hate their weakness of character.  I hate their inability to judge their own actions as unusual. I  especially hated their unwillingness to seek help and change.
I then realized I hate these things about myself.

I see myself as all of these things.  I especially hate my unwillingness to ask people for help, and how hard it is for me to change.

On reflection, all of these things are not necessarily true about myself, but I hate that they are possible for me.

I’m amazed at how much of me is in what I hate.


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